Mail Order Instructions

If you are in the MEMPHIS, TN or surrounding area, this page does not apply to you.   This is for out of state, Mail Order - orders only.

**For Christmas Delivery, Mitts, Piggys & Paws needs your impressions IN MY STUDIO by November 21st.   Please remember that you can give a Mitts, Piggys & Paws Gift Certificate as a Christmas Gift if you are too late for the November 21st deadline.  Order your beautiful impression design today!    

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Mitts, Piggys & Paws impression designs are all handmade and sculpted by me, Amy Stone, BFA 1994, Memphis College of Art.     This is a one-woman operation!   You can choose one of the existing designs on my Mitts, Piggys & Paws page, or design your own.   Impression designs are 100% customizable and personalized....I can make whatever you have in mind.   Don't waste your money on those messy, chalky, plaster kits from the store.   Mitts, Piggys & Paws impression designs are made from high quality ceramic clay which is fired at over a thousand degrees in a large kiln for hours.

I really enjoy making these heirloom-quality gifts that are so intensely personal to the recipient.    The artistry and upscale quality of Mitts, Piggys & Paws impression designs are sure to please and can be handed down for generations to come.   Your children grow so very fast.   Don't delay in getting those tiny little hands and feet immortalized in clay.   The finished product is sure to melt your heart and you will cherish it forever.

How on Earth Does this Work???

The way I do mail order impressions is a simple process, but will require a little work on your part. Here are the directions with helpful pictures:

First, please email me at and let me know which keepsake you have decided upon and your wish to proceed with a mail order design.   I will forward you a form to fill out that you will return with your play-doh impressions.

This is the process for doing mail order impressions....First I need an impression of your child's hand or foot, (or both depending upon which design you like.) I recommend that people buy the generic $1 playdoh from the dollar store. (We have Dollar Tree here and that playdoh is what I have used before.) If you want a design with just one hand and foot be sure to press the actual hand & foot you want on the design. I suggest right hand and complimenting left foot. If you want a design with all hands/feet be sure to get more playdoh. Press together 2-3 cans of playdoh for each impression for children 3 and under, for 4 and older use more cans.   Make sure there is at least half an inch to an inch of play-doh material around the finished impression.  In other words...don't get too close to the edges.

Open the cans, knead them all together and press them down with your palm into a pancake shape. Make sure the top is as smooth as you can get it. I find it is easier to get it smooth if you continue to lightly press the surface. It doesn't matter if you mix several play-doh colors together, all I need is the impression in the play-doh material. You will mail the play-doh impressions to me so I can make a cast of the baby's hands/feet so I can make the design. You will still be able to see all the little precious lines in the hands and feet. IMG_0261

(Press out 3 cans of Dollar store play-doh flat.  Use more cans for children over 4 years old.  Get the top as smooth as you can by continuing to press lightly on the surface.  Make sure there is at least half an inch of material around the entire finished impression...don't press too close to the edges...)

Now, when taking the impressions, have two adults. One holds the child in their lap, the other presses the hand or foot. **Be sure to press each finger, palm, and the fleshy part between the thumb and index finger AND the tops of the knuckles.** Make sure all of these areas are pressed firmly and EVENLY into the playdoh.    SAME DEPTH everywhere.  Press at a MEDIUM DEPTH and make sure there is enough playdoh material left on the bottom. 

1. Each Finger
2. Fleshy part between thumb & index finger
3. Top of the knuckles
4. The palm  


(*IMPORTANT*  PRESS   #1. Each finger  #2. Fleshy part between thumb & index finger #3. Top of EACH knuckle and  #4. The palm.   Press MEDIUM depth, SAME DEPTH throughout EVENLY.)

Don't press so hard that there is not a good layer of playdoh under where the fingers are pressed. And DON'T press too light or your impressions will not turn out well. Medium depth. For the foot, have the other adult hold the child over the playdoh pancake and press the foot down, pressing each toe separately, the heel and the pad of the foot.  Medium depth, Same depth, Even impression throughout.


The picture above is a GREAT impression YAY!!  MEDIUM Depth, SAME Depth, even impression throughout.  See those cute little hand and finger lines?  Those will show up in your design.

playdoh2  playdoh1
Sometimes with very little babies it can be easier to "superman" the baby and just guide the hand to the plah-doh to be pressed. This means having your arm underneath the baby's stomach and your hand/palm supporting the baby's neck/ is in a flying "Superman" position which usually makes it easier for the other adult to press all parts of the hand. For the foot, just hold baby over the play-doh and press each part of the little foot. Let me know if you have questions and please be sure your impression resembles the pictures....medium depth. Deeper is much better than lighter, but try to maintain a medium depth.

**Please study the pictures above.** These pictures represent GOOD impressions. If your play-doh impressions don't resemble these pictures it will affect how good your design looks. If you have any questions just call me: 662-895-3853 or 901-219-5864. If you don't like what your impression looks like, just press the playdoh out again and keep trying until you are satisfied.  Here are some examples of BAD Impressions below....
TOO LIGHT!!!           BAD!!  YUK!!            TOO DEEP & MESSY!!

Next, let the playdoh dry out a little. If it gets too dry it starts to crack. Your goal here with drying out a little is so it won't easily accept anymore "accidental" impressions. Once the playdoh doesn't feel "sticky" anymore and is somewhat dry put it in a ziploc bag. Drying can be a few hours or overnight. **Bag each impression separately.** Be careful about any "accidental" impressions. **WRITE each child's FULL name on the ziploc bag, along with their birthdate, current age and the month the impression was taken. All this info is engraved on the back of every impression I do.  Also, remember to enclose the paperwork I emailed you previously. 
When shipping, be sure to pack the separate, ziploc bagged impressions so they DO NOT MOVE around.  The best way to do this is to place a piece of cardboard underneath the ziploc bagged impression and gently wrap the whole thing up with bubble wrap so it won't get any "accidental" impressions.  Do this with EACH impression you are sending me and don't bubble wrap them together...bubble wrap them separately.   Please don't use alot of tape around the bubble wrap where I have trouble opening.  Then pack the box with either bubble wrap, tissue paper, bunched up kroger/walmart bags.....any of these work, just be sure your impressions DON'T MOVE, be sure they stay as level as possible (bubble wrap works best with this) and make sure you don't make any "accidental" impressions within the hand or foot areas of the impression. Judge whether or not the way you have packed the impressions is done in such a way where nothing can mash into the hand/foot areas of the impressions.
Put a piece of cardboard cut to the size of your impression underneath the ziploc bag and wrap the whole thing up with Bubble Wrap so it DOES NOT MOVE or accept any "accidental" impressions
Pack the box with bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, plastic sacks, tissue paper...whatever, just make sure your impression DOES NOT MOVE EASILY.

You will do fine, I get these in the mail frequently and to date, I have not received an impression that was unworkable. PLEASE Call me if you need to: 662-895-3853 or 901-219-5864. And be sure to look at the pictures above.   If your pictures are that deep and look like that, you have done well.

I will provide my shipping address when I receive my initial email from you.

Mail order impressions can take from 8-10 weeks upon receipt of your impressions in my studio, but are usually ready much sooner than that timeframe.  When I am done with your order I will then pack it very carefully with the appropriate materials so it will remain safe during shipping.

Please keep in mind that I keep an original print of your child's impression archived for a minimum of 2 years.   If you want to order more impressions for Mother's Day, Grandparent's gifts or whatever holiday or event you have in mind, you can relax knowing your impression gift is just a phone call away.   Or, if you somehow break your original impression design, just call me to replace it.   Your impressions will have the same charm and detail as the original.   All the little fine lines in the hands, feet or paws will be preserved.  

Our Buckaroos Hand Impressions 
Arizona, Maryland & Alabama Mail Order Impressions.  Order anywhere in the US.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to get a Mitts, Piggys & Paws Impression as a Baby Shower gift.   Is this possible?

Yes!  Just purchase a Gift Certificate which includes picture samples of Mitts, Piggys & Paws most popular designs.   All the baby shower guests will exclaim "Ahhhhhhh" when they see such a thoughtful gift and all the adorable picture examples of what the new mommy can order with her Gift Certificate.    If you are local to the Memphis, TN area, simply give me a call to set up your appointment.  If you are out of town, the new mommy can follow the instructions above and send her play-doh impressions to my studio when she is ready....but don't wait too long!  You would be surprised at how fast baby's hands and feet grow.    


I received a Mitts, Piggys and Paws Gift Certificate as a gift.   Now what?

Great!  If you are local to the Memphis, TN area, simply give me a call to set up your appointment.   If you are out of town, simply go to the Mitts, Piggys & Paws page of this website, choose the design you like and follow the directions above for making your play-doh impressions to send to my studio.   You can contact me, Amy Stone, at 901-219-5864 or email: if you have any questions at all throughout the process.  


How are Mitts, Piggys & Paws Impression Designs different from do-it-yourself hand and footprint kits?

The kits from retail stores use plaster.  Plaster is very messy and dries to a chalky consistency.   It is brittle and can break easily.   Those kits are not only difficult and messy, but also lack the quality and appeal of the finer impressions I offer.    Mitts, Piggys & Paws impressions are heirloom quality keepsakes that are made with the best ceramic clay which is fired two times at over a thousand degrees in a very large kiln for several hours.   They are one-of-a-kind works of art, created by myself, Amy Stone: BFA 1994 from Memphis College of Art.   Many of my designs are very complicated with fine detailed sculpturing in the piece.   You will not find whimsical designs like mine anywhere else which incorporate such a level of fine art detailing.   Your impression design will be cherished by generations to come, being passed down from family to family for years.

Glaze Kiln Firings, Before and After Examples...
kiln11 kiln12

Once I place my order, how long does it take to arrive?

Mitts, Piggys & Paws will get busy creating your one of a kind impression design the moment I receive your play-doh impressions in my studio.   The entire process can take from 8-10 weeks depending upon my workload, but I am usually done much, much sooner.   If you have a deadline every effort will be made to accommodate you.


Is it hard taking my child’s impression?   What if I mess it up? 

No, it is not hard at all and it is impossible to mess it up.   Play-doh is clean, soft, non-toxic and the perfect compound for impression taking.  It is completely mess free, no wet wipes or damp towels.    If you mess up, simply press it back out and try again.   No time constraints, nothing is going to dry out and you are in the comfort of your own home.   Practice as many times as you want until you are satisfied.   If you want to send me several samples that is fine as well.   


I've sent in my child's impressions, how long does it take to get my keepsake?

Once Mitts, Piggys & Paws receives your impressions, I get to work crafting and sculpting your keepsake.   The design process can take up to 10 weeks, but is usually ready much sooner than that timeframe.    


Can I design my own impression design?   Do you do custom orders and personalization?

Well of course!   Mitts, Piggys & Paws absolutely LOVES new designs.   Your design might even be featured on this website!   So, get creative.   Take a look at all the Design Elements (colors, shapes, borders, ribbon, font, wording, etc...) on the Mitts, Piggys & Paws page of this website and draw up your own, unique design.   If there is something you want that you don't see, I can create that too.   Simply contact me for pricing and more information.   Keep in mind that Mitts, Piggys & Paws archives your original impressions for at least 2 years, so you can order additional designs anytime you want without ever taking another impression, unless you want another impression when your child's hand grows bigger.   I have some customers who have taken impressions every year on their child's birthday.   Such a sweet gift and you can see how your child has grown from year to year.   So, order as many designs as you want with the original impressions you take, whenever you want them and let Mitts, Piggys & Paws do the rest!


I really, really like the designs where there are several hands or feet, like the "Siblings Impression" designs, and also the "Mommy & Me" design and the "Family Impressions" Plaque.   How would that work?

No problem.   You simply pick out the design (or designs) you like and press each hand or foot in the play-doh that's in the design, pack it up well so it doesn't move and send to my studio.   You can contact me, Amy Stone, at 901-219-5864 or email: if you have any questions at all throughout the process.    


How long will my Mitts, Piggys & Paws keepsake last?  

Your Mitts, Piggys & Paws keepsake will last a lifetime if handled properly.    Before your keepsake is given back to you, it will undergo two separate firings in a very large kiln that reaches well over a thousand degrees.   The ceramic glazes that are used to paint your piece melt into a glassy permanence for an heirloom-quality appearance.   As long as you do not drop your keepsake, it will last for generations to come.   If unfortunately it does get knocked off the wall or shelf, contact me to see if I still have your archived impression.   I keep your original impression up to two years (sometimes longer, so check with me) as a service to my customers.    If you re-order a design using the archived impression it will still retain all the original charm as the old one.   You will still be able to see the cute little fine lines of your child's hands and feet.   Simply adorable.


My son threw a football across the room and it landed right smack dab into the middle of my beautiful Family Impressions Plaque.   Can you help?

As stated above, I keep your original impression up to two years (sometimes longer, so check with me) as a service to my customers.    If you re-order a design(s) using the archived impression it will still retain all the original charm as the old one.   You will still be able to see the cute little fine lines of your child's hands and feet.   So sit back and relax, Mitts, Piggys & Paws has you covered!  


I would like to order additional impressions for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's day and also as stocking stuffers for Christmas.   Do I have to take additional impressions?

No!   You already took the impressions, so there is no need to re-take them, unless of course you want the bigger hand when your child grows.   Order as many keepsakes or ornaments as you want, no limit.   And remember, you get your ornaments with ribbon for only $16 each, plus shipping, with your original design order (regularly $25).  As stated above,  I keep your original impression up to two years (sometimes longer, so check with me) as a service to my customers.    If you re-order a design(s) using the archived impression it will still retain all the original charm as the old one.   You will still be able to see the cute little fine lines of your child's hands and feet.   So sit back and relax, Mitts, Piggys & Paws has you covered! 


How do you create such a beautiful heirloom-quality keepsake out of the play-doh impressions I sent you?   How does that work!?

Once I receive your play-doh impressions in my studio, I create a cast which is used to  make your keepsake.  Your child's little hands and feet will be immortalized forever showing all the fine lines and details as the real thing.   I have three kilns in my studio where I fire all my designs and I have hundreds of glaze colors.   I also do fine art pottery, so be sure to look at the Portfolio-Amy Stone Designs page of this website.   My fine art pottery is made the same way, using the same glazes and techniques as the hand and feet impressions.   You can find my artwork in different boutiques and art galleries in the Memphis, TN area.


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