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To make your Hand, Foot or Paw Impression Appointment proceed smoothly and quickly, please consider the following Design Options & Extras  listed below.  I will also have this info with me at your appointment.    PLEASE contact me if you have any questions about pricing.   So, get creative and feel free to design your own!  I can make whatever you have in mind.   Contact info is at the bottom of this page.

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#1.  Choose Shape & Number of Impressions:  (Extra Hand, Foot or Paw $10 each)

  Oval      Circle    Heart    Square  Rectangle  Cross

Polka-dots-Stripes-Hand-Foot-Impression Fido-Pawprint-Impression     Heart-Shaped-Pink-2-impressions      Botanic-Hand-Impression        2-print-plaque-2-colors       Blue-Boy-Cross-Impression

       Wavy      Large Rectangle
3-child-hand-wavy-plaque2   Leaf-Hands-Siblings-7
#2.  Choose Hand/Foot/Paw/Text Colors:
*More Colors will be added soon!  Check back often!*



#3.  Choose your Boutique Ribbon: (Add $3.00)
*More Ribbons will be added soon!!*

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#4.  Do you want Polka Dots?  What colors?  (Small Polka Dots are $4.00, Big Polka Dots are $8.00)

    Big Polka Dots ($8)       Small Polka Dots ($4)

Big-Polka-dots        Stacked-Hand-Impression2


#5.  Do you want a Border?  Corner Stamps? ($4 - $15) for a Border and/or Corner Stamps

 Stripes ($10)     Dots ($10)     Rope ($10)     Sponged ($4)

stripes1     Blue-Boy-Cross-Impression5    rope4      sponged-border

  Corner Stamp #1 with Leaves Border (One Color with Border $10)                

Corner Stamp #1-A (Two Colors with Border $15)                                                                                        

Border & corner stamp
   Corner Stamp #2 with Leaves Border (Antiqued with Border $10)                                       


Other Borders
*All are $8 for one color, $10 for two colors (example is "Rope" pictured above)

pottery_borders    border_examples


#6.  Do you want Leaves? (Pricing Varies)

Leafy Corners (Add $15.00)     Matte Leaves (In price of Design)

     Leafy-green-Hand-Impression                                                                       Sisters-Frame-w_leaves8


#7.  Do you want a "Theme Painting" or small object painted on your piece?  ($10 - $25 - Varies depending upon complexity of design)
    Dragonfly            Butterfly              Rabbit #1

Baby-Hand-Prints-Ceramic-Pottery-Art       Baby-Hand-Prints-Ceramic-Pottery-Art     rabbit-painting
        Lamb                 Sports         Bunny Rabbit #2
lamb        Detail-New-York-Yankees          bunnyrabbitpic
Other - Your Choice
#8.  Name Personalization?  Age?  Year?  Birth Stats? 
Curly or Block Letter Text?  What color?  Add $8.00 for the first 18 Characters, $10.00 for 19+ Characters, 36+ Characters add $15.00. 

Curly Script or Block Letters Name Stamps 

Curly Script Name Stamp      Block Letter FontCurly Script or Block Letters Hand-Painted Names Name example   Name example 2

Curly Script or Block Letter Engraved Names
engraved name7              engraved block letters
Choose a Font for your Design Click to Enlarge

FONTS for designs


#9.  Do you want a Stamp?  Add up to $10.00 Each
*More will be added soon!!  Check back often!!*
    Boot        Horseshoe      Horse/Rider       Choo-Choo
Boot-Stamp Horseshoe-hand-impression Horse-Hand-Impression Train-Hand-Impression

                       Cross            Silver Star

Jesus-Loves-Me-Hand-Impression3 silver-star
(Stamps can be antiqued like the orange butterflies below)Wing Stamps   Heart StampsInsect Stamps   Pottery StampsButterfly stamps   Butterfly stamp side view

#10.  Do you want a Sculptural Element?  (Pricing Varies)
     Dragonfly         Lizard #1        Lizard #2         Wren

     dragonfly-4   Lizard   lizard #2   bird on plate
              Sea-Shells                   Baby Carriage

 Beachy-Feet-Impression-with-Shells   Baby-Carriage-Single-Impression       

           Flowers                    Frog #1          Frog #2 Sculpted-flowers1 Frog-1   frog-2

   Bird Sitting on Nest        Birdnest  
bird-on-nest  Birdnest-Baby-   
Bumble Bee & Blossom             Snail           
bumblebee-sculpture  snail-sculpture

Mouse & Cheese                  Fish & Flower        
mouse-and-cheese  Coy-swimming-in-Bowl2   
Other - Your Choice
#11.  Do you want Extra Text or a Verse? (Add $8.00 for the first 18 Characters, $10.00 for 19+ Characters, 36+ Characters add $15.00)
#12.  Are you ordering a Frame?  What shape do you want the cut-out?  What size photo? (Not pictured, but available are:  Circle, Star, Diamond, Square, Etc..)

        Vertical Rectangle           Horizontal Rectangle        
vertical-frame      2-Color-Hand-Impression-Frame    
                   Oval                                  Heart
oval-frame-1    heart9
*All Frames are finished with glass and a photo pocket on the rear.   Picture Link:  Ribbon Click HereSMALL


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