Baby Hand & Feet Impressions

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Baby Hand and Feet Impressions in Memphis and Surrounding Areas, plus mail order anywhere in the United States.
Frog-hand-foot-impression dragon-and-castle-hand-impression Firetruck-hand-foot-impression
Preserve those precious little hands and feet forever with a premium, heirloom-quality, ceramic keepsake.   Always remember just how tiny your baby used to be and cherish every moment because they grow up way too fast.   And don't forget your beloved pets.   Immortalize your faithful 4-legged friend's paw-prints in clay.  Want to know where Mitts, Piggys & Paws will be next???  Check out my  CALENDAR OF EVENTS PAGE or call for a personal appointment at anytime.  I can also take impressions in the hospital when baby is 2 days old.  *Any design on this website is completely 100% customizable and can have any color you wish, or any number of hand, foot or paw prints added, any design element desired and numerous ribbon samples.  Feel free to design your own however you want!  I *LOVE* new designs.  See YOURS on this website.   Click on the Fairy below for info on hosting a "Hostess Impression Party."  Get a group of your friends together and share discounts and get a *FREE* impression plus Gift Certificates for hosting.   
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   Birth Statistics Plaques in any Shape
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Aubrey-birth-plaque mattie-cross  Birth-Statistics-Hand-foot-impression-blue-brown round-button150

Custom Designs to Match Baby's Room
Click on the PINK BUTTON for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Gallery
  Frog-hand-foot-impression round-button150 dragon-and-castle-hand-impression Firetruck-hand-foot-impression 
Fighter-jet-hand-impression Jungle-Hand-Impression rhett-cowboy-custom Design-your-own--150

Click on the PINK BUTTON for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Gallery
Butterfly-4-hands round-button150  Dragonfly-feet-impressions 
ladybug-hand-foot-impression   Pink-Butterfly-Baby-Feet-Impressions-3   Butterfly-Hand-Feet-Impression    Dragonfly-foot-impression   

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Stripes and Dots
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Blue-stripes-hand-foot-impression Georgia-Kate-Hand-Foot-Impression Marley-pink-stripes colorful-polka-dots-hand-impression 
   hand-impression-with-polka- Anya-Impression Jack-on-stand1
 Stacked-Hand-Impression22  round-button150   
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 Basic Shape Designs
Click on the pictures below to see *MORE* examples 

Sophia-wavy-plaqueWAVY  Round-Denim-2-printROUND  Payln-pink-heart-hand-impressionHEARTS  2-print-plaque-2-colors  Our-Babies-3-hands-impressionrectangles  Stacked-Hand-Impression3oval

boutique-ribbons-button200      glaze-colors-125       Design-Elements-button200

Stacked Designs & Other Gift Items
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Picture-Hand-Impression Personalized-Barrette-Holder 
 cowboy2-2 Stacked-2-print-impressions Stacked-Hand-Impression 


Single or Siblings Frames
Click on the PINK BUTTONS for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Galleries
round-button150  blue-hand-on-hand-heart-impression  Pink-Savannah-Hand-Frame orange-dog-paw-impression
*ANY* Design can have a FRAME cut-out in any shape
sisters-frame-w_leaves  4-print-hand-foot-impression-frame  Megan-4-print-frame
Two-print-frame-with-border  2-Color-Hand-Impression-Frame  
red-hand-impression-frame-2   Heart-Millie-Frame  round-button150
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Solid Silver Jewelry
Hand-Foot-Silver-Heart Silver-Personalized-Cross-necklace Landon_Corbin-Pendant Brooke-pendant   silver-2-fingerprint-neckla   round-button150   Silver-fingerprint-necklace  Fingerprint-Pendant-2 
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Jesus Loves Me Designs
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   pink-savannah-cross-impress   Blue-Boy-Cross-Impression   mattie-cross138   baby-hand-prints-ceramic-po 
Jesus-Loves-Me-Hand-Impression  round-button150  Jesus-Cross-Hand-Impression

"Hostess" Party
Throw a Hand Impression "Hostess" party for you & your friends! 

    hand-impression-party1        button-princess200      hand-impression-party2
Gather a group of your girlfriends!  *SAVE* & get *FREE* Stuff!
Two-Print Name Plates
briana-ladybug  Summer-Hand-Impression-Pink
Click on the PINK BUTTONS for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Galleries
Basic Ornaments 
ornament-duo-in-red round-button100ornament-multicolor ornament-duo-blue
Basic Ornaments with Name & Year
Max-matching-ornaments fido-pawprint-impression-2 round-button100 Lucy-ornament Peyton-ornament
Cropped Ornaments 
round-button100 cropped ornament selection polka-dot-multi-with-pink
Cropped Ornaments with Beaded Wire Scrolling
wire-scroll14 round-button100 wire-scrolling-15 wire16
Cropped Ornaments with Stamped Name 
cropped stamped orn round-button100
Cropped Ornaments: Stamped Name & Wire Scrolling
round-button100  wire scrolling with name 4
Refrigerator Magnets
blue-foot-magnet  magnets-10 
Team, Theme & Holiday Ornaments
Alabama-hand-ornament Football-ornament Reindeer-hand-ornament2 Santa-Claus-Hand-ornament Turkey-ornamentRhett-Christmas-Tree-ornament Ornament-with-Ladybug-ribbon  Ornament-Leopard-ribbon  round-button150
Newborn Two-Print Heart Ornaments
michael-ornament Two-print-ornament
Military Designs for Mom or Dad Overseas
Ornament-Military-camoflauge blue-military-foot-impression Ornament-Pink-Military
Click on the PINK BUTTONS for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Galleries
Little Cowpokes
Horseshoe-hand-impression  Horse-Hand-Impression   Cowgirl-boot-hand-impression 
Click on Pictures to Enlarge and *MORE* Information


Leaf  Impression Designs
*My Best-Selling, Most Popular Designs*

Single-hand-impression-with-leaves   lucas-samantha  3-hand-leaf-sibling-plaque-2    Mommy-and-Me-leaves5   Sisters-Frame-w_leaves   Twins-hand-impressions
AdalynAustin150   round-button150    AddieElla150

Mommy-and-Me-pink-hands     botanic-hand-impression-2

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Sibling Designs
*Add a Hand, Foot or Paw to Any Impression Design on this Website*
Reed-Lilly Harley-Baby-2
Our-Babies-3-hands-impression round-button150 Our-Buckaroos-Hand-Impressions
lucas-samantha    3-hand-leaf-sibling-plaque-2    Blue-Hand-ImressionsTwins-hand-impressions   Sisters-Matte-Hand-Impressions   Stephanie-Nell   Hand-on-hand-siblings2


Hand in Hand Designs
     round-button150 terra-cotta-hand-in-hand    Heart-Family-Impressions2
Click on the PINK BUTTON for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Gallery
Mommy-Me-Leaves-5   MomMewBorderStamps1   Daddy,-Mommy-Me-Hand-in-Hand  sea-foam-hand-in-hand   Momma-and-me-brown Mommy-and-Me-pink-hands  momma-me-cowboy


Animal-Theme Impressions
Click on Pictures to Enlarge and *MORE* Information
Dinosaur-Hand-Impression   Octopus-Hand-Impression   Shark-foot-impression
Fish-hand-impression    Roll-tide-elephant-hand-foot-impression  easter-bunny-hand-in-hand-idog-paw-doggie-impression-2   Teddy-Bear-Hand-Impression   Cat-Paw-Impression
 reindeer-hand-foot-impressi   rabbit-hand-foot-impression   Reindeer-hand-ornament2 Turkey-ornamentSwirl200

Beachy Designs
Click on Pictures to Enlarge and *MORE* Information
foot-impression-flip-flop-2   flip-flop-foot-sun-impressi 
beachy-feet-impression-wi-2   beachy-hands-impressions   palm-tree-hand-impression-2   surfboard-wakeboard-foot--2 

Unique Designs
Click on Pictures to Enlarge and *MORE* Information

    Train-Hand-Impression   Harley-Angel-Hand-Impression Dog-Paw-Impression-Plaque  Graduation-Class-2011-Hand-Impression    Borders-Hand-Impression  Matte-Hand-ImpressionLadybug-Green-Hand-Impression-    Princess-Crown-Hand-Impression   Television-Hand-Impression
baby-carriage-single-impr-3  Rebecca-square


 Character Beads
* Add Character Beads to ANY Design *

Baby-Hand-Impressions-2     Baby-Hand-&-Foot-Impressions--2  character-bead-examples


Sports & Team Impressions 
Click on the PINK BUTTON for *MORE* Examples in my Picture Gallery
Soccer-Ball-Hand-Foot-Impression   UT-hand-impression Alabama-hand-ornament Football-ornament
 football-foot-impression-2  New-York-Yankees-Baby-Hand-Impression   round-button150

Baseball-Hand-Impression      Basketball-Hand-Impression   Roll-tide-elephant-hand-foot-impression



Hand & Foot Impressions 
as either a Business Card Holder or a Jewelry Holder

Business-Card-Holder   Jewelry-Holder-Hand-Foot-Impression
Click on Picture to Enlarge and *MORE* Information



Seasonal Holiday Impressions

 Red-Hand-Ornament  round-button150  christmas-ball-ornaments-w_name    

Christmas-Stocking-Foot-Impression  Pumpkin-Hand-Impression-Frame 
Rabbit-Hand-Foot-Impression   Easter-Bunny-hand-in-hand-impression   Reindeer-Hand-Foot-Impression

Hand Impression Bowls
Hand-impression-bowl Hand-Impression-pattern-bowl2   Jr.-Kindergarten-fingerprint-bowl



Grandchildren and Family Plaques
Heart-Family-Impressions  round-button150   Family-Hand-in-Hand

Family-Impressions-8    Grandparents-plaque     Family-impressions-2       


design your own
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More Jewelry
  Thumbprint-necklace-3    Payln-necklaces    
Anna-Necklace   thumbprint-necklaces2  K-necklace  Fingerprint-Pendant-Charms    Thumbprint-pendantsjesus-loves-me-8930   custom-necklace-bracelet

Mitts, Piggys & Paws
Television Appearances!

TV Appearance Television-Hand-Impression

Baby Expo You Tube

 2011 baby expo     tv baby expo 2011


Mitts, Piggys & Paws is now available by 
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Anywhere in the United States!!

It brings me immense satisfaction to create these beautiful, one of a kind, upscale ceramic hand and foot impressions for you and your child.  While I sculpt together each design I pray for the parents and child for which they are intended, so please know you and your child have been coated in prayer.   

Immortalize your child's hand or foot in clay, as well as your pet.   Make your appointment today, no age limit. Hand and feet impressions make perfect Grandparent gifts, Mother's day, Father's day, Birthdays or any holiday.

Each and every design is 100% customizable and has the child's full name, birthdate, current age and the month/year the impressions were taken engraved on the back.  This lends to the heirloom quality of each piece I create.   If you have an idea, let me hear it!   

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When will my impression design be ready?  At present, this business is a one-woman operation, and this one woman has three small kiddos.  This process can take up to 8 weeks depending upon my current workload.   I am usually finished much sooner, but I state 6-8 weeks to be safe.  *PLEASE NOTE*:  Special promotions and coupon sales or advertising campaigns may increase the 8 week time-frame based on quantity of orders and my personal workload.   Please keep this information in mind if your design is part of a special offer and you want your impressions ready by a certain date.   I will make every effort to accommodate you.  

If you have your own ideas, please share them with me, because I can create it.    

Want to know where Mitts, Piggys & Paws will be next???  Check out my  CALENDAR OF EVENTS PAGE. 

* NEW *  

If you Rent my Stork for your baby announcement, every 7-Day rental receives a $7.00 gift certificate to be used for Baby Hand & Feet Impressions.   When I pick up the stork on the 7th day, baby is at least 9 days old, the perfect time to capture those tiny prints and you can redeem your gift certificate at that time.  Check out my STORK RENTAL PAGE

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