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Amy Stone
Cell:  901-219-5864

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Areas Served Locally:

I am available for personal appointments in the following areas:  

Collierville, Germantown, Olive Branch,  Byhalia, Southaven, Piperton, Bartlett, Cordova, Arlington, Lakeland, Eads, Oakland and most areas of Memphis.  If your area is not listed, please contact me and tell me where you are located.  No Transportation charge for areas within 10 miles of my residence near Collierville, TN.  For locations over 10 miles there may be a travel charge depending upon the distance to be traveled.  I reserve the right to refuse if I deem the area either too far away, or unsafe.   ***Remember, I now do mail order impressions, so don't despair if your area is not listed!***


Popular Appointment Locations

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Personal Appointments:

Call me to set up your own personal appointment.   I can come to your home or meet you at a chosen location (Restaurant, mall parking lot, etc..).  No Transportation charge for areas within 10 miles of my residence near Collierville, TN.  For locations over 10 miles there may be a travel charge depending upon the distance to be traveled.  I am open to meeting wherever you wish.   Impressions are quickly taken with just a quick wet-wiping off of your hands.   Please be sure to look at all the designs available on my "Mitts, Piggys & Paws" page of my website and tell me beforehand which design you wish to purchase.    I need this information so I will know how much clay to prepare for your appointment.   I bring glaze paint chip samples to each appointment so mom and dad can choose the color that best suits baby's room decor.   Please call or email me to schedule your appointment and check out my list of the most popular appointment locations.  Contact information is listed above.


Hospital Maternity Ward Personal Appointment:

Let me take an impression of your baby's hands and feet the day he or she is born!   What a beautiful memory and keepsake to take baby's impression within 48 hours of his or her actual birthday.    Tender loving care is given to each precious baby so there is a good experience for everyone involved.  I bring glaze paint chip and boutique ribbon samples to each appointment so mom and dad can choose the colors that best suit baby's room decor.   Be sure to look at the Daddy (or Mommy) "Hand in Hand" Impression Designs on the "Mitts, Piggys & Paws" page of my website.   Feel free to tell me any design ideas you have in mind.   Also, please visit the Stork Rental section of my website.   


Baby's Two Week Doctor Visit
Many new moms have me meet them after their baby's two week doctor visit (or any doctor visit).   I have taken many impressions in the parking lot at the Pediatrician's office!   While you are out with Baby, call to schedule his or her impressions.


Stork Delivery or Pickup Impressions:

If you are Renting a Stork, let me take your baby's hand or foot impression when I come to either set up or pick up the stork from your residence.   When Renting a Stork you will receive a $7.oo Gift Certificate as a FREE GIFT to use towards the total price of the Impression Design of your choice.    Also, with a 7-Day Stork Rental, you get another FREE GIFT of a Personalized Ceramic Stork with Baby Tile or Shallow Baby Bowl, just specify which one you want when you call.


HOSTESS PARTY  (The most popular party)

Want to get a group of moms together for impressions??A "Hostess Party" is defined as the Hostess and two or more of her friends who purchase impressions (total of 3 people makes a "Party").   The Hostess of the party receives a free ornament in any style/color with her primary purchase.    The Hostess also receives a $5 gift certificate for each "ordering" friend who shows up and spends at least $45.   The gift certificate(s) can be used the day of the party, or at anytime and never expire.     For the guests, with their primary order of $45 or more, I drop the price of the ornaments to only $15 each, no limit.   The most popular ornaments are the Basic Round ornaments with Boutique Ribbon, which are regularly $25 each.  


Birthday Parties or Other Events & Functions:

Celebrate your child's birthday with a Hand or Foot Impression party.   Call me for any event you have in mind to take impressions of the kiddos.   The process is quick and easy.   For parties with 6 or more children, the hostess receives a free impression with ribbon for her child.   The pricing below is for one hand or foot impression ornament.  *Transportation charge for areas over 10 miles from my residence.

Ornament Pricing Information:

5 or less children $16 per child (Regularly $25)
6  + children $15 per child (Regularly $25)
12+ children $14 per child (Regularly $25)
15+ children $10 per child (Regularly $25)

Guests can choose a larger design in lieu of an ornament by applying the discounted ornament price for the larger design.

The prices above are for a single impression with ribbon in the color of your choice.   If you want a design other than the single impression with ribbon, please contact me for pricing information.   

I bring glaze paint chip and boutique ribbon samples to each appointment so mom, dad or child can choose the color they like best.   Be sure to have your party guests look at my website ( prior to the party.  I will also bring a book with my designs for guests to see and order from if they wish.

Impressions are ready in approximately 4-6 weeks, (usually sooner).  When the impressions are completed, I will deliver them to the party hostess to give to her guests.  Or, guests/hostess can pay to have the impressions shipped USPS if they live out of town.   Let me take care of this hassle for you.

No Transportation charge for areas within 10 miles of my residence near Collierville, TN.  For locations over 10 miles there may be a charge of $5, $10 or $15, depending on distance to be traveled.  

Don't forget, I also do Birthday Party Face Painting.     Please call or email me to schedule your appointment.   Contact information is listed above.


School or Church Group Impressions:

I will come to your Preschool, Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes, Mother's Day Out, MOPS, MOMS or any School or Church group or function to take hand impressions of the children.   Pricing drops to $10 per ornament for 15+ kiddos.  Very, very minimal classroom disruption, just mere seconds per child.  I have everything laid out and ready quickly so you can return to your normal activities without delay.  

Briarcrest-HandsPreschool kindergarten hand impressions

Impressions above taken at FACS & Briarcrest preschool and kindergarten for Parent's Christmas Gift


Craft Shows, Baby Expo & Children's Boutiques:

Look for Mitts, Piggys & Paws at area Craft Shows, Expos & select Children's Boutiques and stores.   Take a look at my Calendar of Events to see where I will be next.


The Impression Process:

Pressing your child's or baby's hand into clay is safe and pain free.   There is no age limit.   I take impressions of newborn babies as well as elderly grandfathers.   Pictures are included above to demonstrate the process.   In the pictures you will see different family members taking impressions for a "Family Impressions Wall Decor Plaque".  

This process can take up to 8 weeks depending on how much work I have to complete.   I am usually finished much sooner, but I state 6-8 weeks to be safe.  *PLEASE NOTE:  Special promotions and coupon sales may increase the 8 week time-frame based on quantity of orders and my personal workload.   Please keep this information in mind if you want your impressions ready by a certain date.   I will make every effort to accommodate you.  

My heart is in each piece I create and I strive to make the most beautiful, original designs possible for you.   At times, during the firing process, imperfections can occur that are out of my control.   I will contact you if this happens with your piece and I will redo it at no additional cost to you.   Also, please keep in mind that each piece is original.   Many of the complicated design examples on the Mitts, Piggys & Paws page of this site have hand-sculpted elements in them and specialized glazing techniques, so slight variations will always occur.   No worries though, you will be pleased.

The process is as follows:

1.   Pressing the hand, foot or paw into the clay.
2.  Wipe clean with a damp towel.
3.  I complete the impression design in my studio and let it dry thoroughly. 
4.  The dry impression goes through it's first kiln firing, called a Bisque Firing.  
5.  When it is safe to open the kiln after everything has cooled sufficiently, I remove the impression and clean it of any dust.
6.  I then paint the impression with the glaze color you chose.
7.  The impression is again given ample time to dry and then placed in the kiln once again for the second firing called a Glaze Firing.
8.  Once the kiln and its contents has had plenty of time to cool, I unload the impressions and then contact you via phone, email or both.


My Impression is what?

Once your impressions are ready, you can either pick them up from my residence, we can meet at a specified location or I can mail them via USPS.   Regular shipping and handling charges apply. You can choose whatever shipping method you wish and pay accordingly based on the weight of the package.  Contact me for the weight of your impression design.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Thank you!!

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