Two Prints or Impressions in a Cross Shape (Custom Design)

This design can be made one of two ways.   The first way:

1.  I can do two hand impressions (not prints) inside the cross design with painted names & ages.  I can then paint all the bugs and leaves around it exactly as shown above.    Price with ribbon:  $85   Price with Dragonfly character bead and two round beads:  $105

2.  Cross Design with two hand PRINTS with painted names and ages, bugs and leaves as shown above:  Price with ribbon:  $85    Price with Dragonfly character bead and two round beads:  $105   ****This design with hands printed versus pressed into clay requires approximately 14 days prior notice before your scheduled appointment.   This design must be pre-ordered since I will have to make and kiln-fire the cross before your scheduled appointment for your child to print his or her hands.   This is a very time-consuming, difficult process, but what a one of a kind item!****  

To view CHARACTER BEADS click here.

Cross Shaped Designs can be made several different ways:

One Impression in a Cross Shape with name & year (one color)  $45.   
One Impression in a Cross Shape with name, year, border (2 colors) $55
Add two glass hearts in color of your choice, add $10.
Add another hand, foot or paw impression $10 each.  

Impressions can be done in whatever color you desire and I can sponge color around the edges.

*  If you want Character Beads instead of ribbon:   
- One character bead of your choice separated by 2 small round colored beads: add $20

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Amy Stone

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